Aesculus Hippocastanum

18 Aug

Aesculus Hippocastanum

 Mighty Aesculus hippocastanum worthy as the oak
 Glorious in summertime with pendulous
 Branches curling towards infinity -
 Two hundred years under your girth
 Overseeing the chosen few - 
 Time passes onwards
 The things that you have seen
 At your south-westerly corner -
 The house with six plus two
 Observing the happy brothers
 As they took their last
 Leisurely walk together
 One spring -
 March winds came
 You budding with the promise of new -
 Stillness as the last one left in the black car
 In silence
 In that darkest year -
 Then barren overseeing the new arrival
 At the dawning of the Age of Aquarius -
 Beloved Horse Chestnut watched and admired
 Proud in your south-westerly corner -
 With each decade passing and with each season
 And change
 You still remain distant yet
 Familiar and comforting
 In our changing world -
 Steadfast and constant an old friend
 For when the black car returned -
 Those whom gazed upon you in youth
 Never to return to gaze upon your
 Branches and your elegant dance for the wind
 Like lovers that yield to one another

C Flaxton

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