In Between the After

21 Aug

In Between the After

 You told me that you loved me
 SO you took my breath away
 With that one little line
 I was beginning to believe you
 I guess you could say it’s been
 A long time
 I’ve forgotten what to do
 Not a clue
 Something in your words 
 Give the game away
 Maybe I made you up in my mind
 Something like a childhood rhyme
 Countless times I stop myself fall
 Countless times I stop believing 
 All that was left
 In between the after
 Lost down a rabbit hole
 In between the after moments
 All words lose their meaning
 Coming up for air
 I tell myself - it is all over
 You’re just a destination in my head
 Before I make up my mind  
 Before I take the next step
 I need to take a little time
 In between the after
 The battle scars are healed over 
 I've got the ones left in my head
 Stung by your bright passing light
 In between the after
 As I look in the mirror I see 
 Reflection staring at me  
 You see something in me that
 Just didn’t see
 Close your eyes - take a breath 
 And wait a little while longer
 Let me forget the
 In between the after
 I just need a little more time 
 To exorcise the demons 
 Belong to the past 
 Something in your words
 Give back to me a life
 In between the after death

C Flaxton

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