To be here Now

21 Aug


 The disguise of emptiness lies before my very eyes
 It's going to take sometime to switch on my mind
 Watching life go by day to day – people brushing by
 No time to stop and stay
 Got to move on - get away
 Keep working
 Keep moving
 Burning - deep desires 
 Got to keep on - moving on
 I've got so many - got so many
 Questions for God above
 If we were to float on up in the outer space
 Would we still feel part of the human race?
 Free world connected
 I want to feel more than just a person who bleeds
 Connected to alternative energies
 Don’t believe in separation of race & creeds
 We are 
 Connected by blood
 We all bleed
 As one
 Come rain - shine - or other
 I've heard it all before – the preachers preaching
 Love each other
 To be here now
 Connecting the dots
 Working out - what's what
 Taking in the panoramic view 
 Crossing the t's & dotting the i's
 Drawing the life map - doing the do
 To be here now 
 Clearing out the lies
 Together we are bigger than the master plan
 We need to just offer each other out that helping hand
 Listen to that inner space 
 That inner place
 The words that whisper 
 To get in touch with the bigger picture

C Flaxton

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