Endless Dream

29 Aug

 Opening tired eyes after an endless dream -
 I’m looking through naked eyes
 Into the sunlight hours
 Of the darkest day -
 Followed by the clearest night
 Keeping a pure heart pure
 But the dark keeps on pushing in
 Resist and pull - pause
 Life - playing out as a silent movie
 And I’m watching it – remotely
 Praying to God – falling at your alter
 Running away from the endless sin
 Escaping into silence -
 Watching fools rush in
 Where angles fear to tread
 Oh but the things – I’ve seen
 Keeps me in the endless dream
 Keeps me in the beauty
 In all that is and has been
 And hiding from the dark -
 Too much to let go –
 And so when I look back on it all –
 The beauty is what will flood back to me
 The clarity of watching from afar -
 I was so distant I can see –
 The bitterness felt closer than you –
 I trembled to know such pain -
 Sometimes when I’m alone
 I think that I can’t give you up
 Sometimes when I’m alone
 I think that you gave me up
 It’s difficult in love
 It's difficult in love – but
 It is never
 It is never impossible to be in

C Flaxton

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