In to the Void

11 Sep

 My thoughts live in a vacuous chamber
 A chamber created from overflow
 My life is caught between the double D's
 And the chamber is extracting volume
 By the second hand of the clock
 I drank liquid from a cup that made me
 Shrink SO small
 That now
 I walk in a land of giants
 The deafening voice - my own
 Drilling diligently daily
 Until the pass
 I am in part a shadow
 I've hollowed out from the inside
 Like a pumpkin ready for Halloween
 The guts of which are ready to be cooked
 In the belly of the pie
 The oven awaits - bellowing out
 The sonic vibration hangs heavy in the air
 And what is left -
 After these parts are gone?
 The pie eaten
 The taste forgotten upon wiped lips
 The pumpkin shell shriveled & withered long -
 After the candle has been blown out
 This then is me
 The description of my thoughts this day
 Descending down further deep into
 Ever decreasing decreasing
 Circles -
 And into the void I go

C Flaxton
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Posted by on September 11, 2013 in Art, Notes, Photography, Poetry, Uncategorized


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