The Broken Jar

11 Sep


 I heard a sad old tale about
 A broken jar that sat alone
 In a forgotten old house -
 That sat on a mountain top
 The broken jar contained
 A fragile heart
 Still beating a rhythm 
 For everyone to admire
 Sitting pretty on its own
 Upon a silken shelf of shells
 It sat there lost - living on
 The heart blood red beating
 For a thousand years
 Untouched by a single hand
 The dust gathered all the while
 As the jar grew weak
 Sunlight starved
 Gazing eyes couldn’t 
 Peer in 
 But the heart beat on -
 Given freely to a glass solitude
 Until each guardian had died -
 The jar stood 
 Gathering forgotten days
 Laying under a blanket cloud
 The jar shattering under the strain
 Glass broken 
 Within the wind floated away as dust
 But the heart beat on -
 Circling above the open wound
 Love birds called to the heart
 Lovingly sweeping down 
 And upon their song
 The heart was buried into the ocean
 And as it dropped
 Still beating into the depths
 The love birds circled around
 Weeping a thousand sorry 
 Blood red tears

C Flaxton

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