590 Days Ago

03 Oct


I’m going to let it go now
Let everything once important
Fly off into the ether
To let
Thoughts linger –
Not processing
Just allowing the stillness –
Let the curtain fall
And the daydream be over
Let dancing Angels guide me

Don’t be too alarmed
Don’t worry
If I do not call you anymore
Don’t think too much
You found and lost
And time will carry on –
You –
Didn’t ask – a thing
Let dancing cowboys guide you

And the sun does shine
And the wind does blow
And the rain does fall
And the moon does shine
And the earth spins around

Take a picture with your mind
Place the memory in your heart
Let your soul take flight –
Let the light flood in –

And when your dream is over
Life will never be at an end –
My Endymion –
I visited you every night –
In my dreams because
I loved you –
Awoken from the embers –
Of 590 days ago
Love now lives in a half life

C Flaxton

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Posted by on October 3, 2013 in Art, Drawing, Music, Notes, Photography, Poetry


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