Idle Dreams

15 Oct


The object of his desire held the pain for as long
As the endless dream lasted
Although became tired of carrying the heavy weight
The awakening struck colt blue to
Welded shut eyes
Pinched – pink cold skin – felt nothing
With each word –
The walls listened
And sleeping dogs lay
Time stood still instantly –
Fresh dew of the morning observed
Creaking stairs counted
Wind whistling – almost singing
Spoken words well remembered
Distant now those idle dreams
Idle days – when Summer came
And lost in the dying days of rain
Lost now never to return – just embers
A heart beat lost to time
And still it beats but softer now
It doesn’t hope for
It doesn’t ask for
And like a blackbird singing a sweet song –
The beating heart belongs to the night
Nothing to fear but fear itself
Nothing to be afraid of –
And yet left to dwell there is a tear or two shed still
The shadows are memories
And the object swims in a lake of them

C Flaxton


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