Lament for Tiddy

02 May

Lament for Tiddy

He sings a soulful song – so still each night he sings on hallowed ground

The song so soft and gentle like his nature – the souls rejoice to the low sweetness of sound

Nightly the song hangs like a mist in the ether – and can be heard with ears a listening – and always heard with hearts a grieving

Of all the roads he travelled – his heart belonged at home
Through the green glens of Antrim – across the way to the fields of Tyrone

His journeys end lays at the edge of the Colebrooke river – where his heart – his young heart roamed

Gone are the days of the Earls and quiet now is the Lord – whose name gives to the hamlet that lets him sleep a son

As the wind carries his song across to the Derryveagh Mountains and beyond
His heart it meets the ocean – with each beat contained oceans of love inside

His gentle song becomes one with the Angels – whose golden trumpets adorn

From his sister Jacqueline xxx





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