Iron Grey Sky

12 May

Under an iron grey sky

I first thought of it –

The image flew straight into my mind

I felt the passion sting strong –

And my heart broke raw from it
So many words to say

Now that you’ve drifted into shadow

However much I look –

I can’t make you stay

You heart took the road from it –
Thinking – it just wants my time

It bores me senseless – as I lose my mind

I can’t control how I lost your smile

Your superficial gaze induce

Daily thoughts that run a minute mile
She’s captured you –

In the in between moments

As I watch you both fall

Just for the choke of it –

I was hidden – the ghost of it
I laugh & cry at myself –

Oh – the torment of it

I catch my image –

As I try to catch your drift

But watch you slowly sink into her eyes
I see it all and the more I see

The heart it grieves –

All for the heart of it

Lost in the moment of it

Caught in the web of it –
All before the love of it dies

And I forget that love lived –

Disguised as beautiful lies
C. Flaxon

© Photography Doherty


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