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After the Dark

You are the sunshine - after the dark
The dark that had stayed so long in my mind -
Savaged by relentless lies and gilded fakery

Everywhere I look - your image remains in my minds eye
I feel, I breath, I exist - able to cope
Hand me your love and I will hand you the world - but first I will wash it in soap 

With you I feel so alive, my time on earth is well spent 
I'm in control, taking the wheel for the long drive ahead 

You reward my love - with precious heart 
Something of which I was starved
You are my candle and I hold the match 
And once lit 
We are to each other bound

Your light may burn down - but your soul flame lays low waiting for my gaze
I thought our chance had gone, lost 
Your light came to me again with your youthful grin and disarming chat

If all our days are spent, in the rich garden of love 
Then in my old age the regrets will be few 
And I will be glad that I met my beautiful you 


For L. 

C. Flaxton

Iron Grey Sky

Under an iron grey sky

I first thought of it –

The image flew straight into my mind

I felt the passion sting strong –

And my heart broke raw from it
So many words to say

Now that you’ve drifted into shadow

However much I look –

I can’t make you stay

You heart took the road from it –
Thinking – it just wants my time

It bores me senseless – as I lose my mind

I can’t control how I lost your smile

Your superficial gaze induce

Daily thoughts that run a minute mile
She’s captured you –

In the in between moments

As I watch you both fall

Just for the choke of it –

I was hidden – the ghost of it
I laugh & cry at myself –

Oh – the torment of it

I catch my image –

As I try to catch your drift

But watch you slowly sink into her eyes
I see it all and the more I see

The heart it grieves –

All for the heart of it

Lost in the moment of it

Caught in the web of it –
All before the love of it dies

And I forget that love lived –

Disguised as beautiful lies
C. Flaxon

© Photography Doherty