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To Give a Love

Music: Nick Schinder
Lyrics: Jacqui Doherty
Photography: Jacqui Doherty

Nick Schinder: vocals, keys, guitars, programming
Hernan Burset: drums

Can you hear me breathing
As I gather
Dust amongst the days?

Can you hear me dreaming?
Yeah, I swear
My thoughts, they can be heard.

Can you see me now,
Can you feel me bleeding?
It’s your face that haunts me every single night.
Can you see me now,
Can you feel me living?
We’ve so much left to learn.

Give a bit of love, girl.
Show a bit of love,
And you will see it flooding in return


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In Flow


There is certain truth to all lies
The heart understands the need to pretend
In flow – to give
Unto him all that I inhabit
And exhale the kiss of desire
Even the solid brick needs to breathe
If my passion is the language of love
My poetry will be the language of my soul
There is a longing that brings a –
Suspension to time
Dark hours lead into dark hours
The daylight given to unwanted use
His light is but transient and fleeting
But when it shines on me
I kneel before the sun in eternal bliss

C Flaxton


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Tea Smoke


 Primrose Hill day
 Daydreaming until dusk
 Dusky pink shoes on grey paving slabs
 Slabs of chocolate comforts - food for the soul
 Soul searching - as tea smoke rises...

C Flaxton

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