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To Give a Love

Music: Nick Schinder
Lyrics: Jacqui Doherty
Photography: Jacqui Doherty

Nick Schinder: vocals, keys, guitars, programming
Hernan Burset: drums

Can you hear me breathing
As I gather
Dust amongst the days?

Can you hear me dreaming?
Yeah, I swear
My thoughts, they can be heard.

Can you see me now,
Can you feel me bleeding?
It’s your face that haunts me every single night.
Can you see me now,
Can you feel me living?
We’ve so much left to learn.

Give a bit of love, girl.
Show a bit of love,
And you will see it flooding in return


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Kissing Clouds Poem

Kissing Clouds – New Song… SOON! ❤️

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Driving along, foot down
on the open road
passing fields
Of green – full of cows
Nothing but blue skies
In between white clouds

Passing through old towns
Empty shop windows
Victorian buildings fallin’ down
Sun shining brightly –
Sitting on top of kissing clouds

I’m coming to find you –
To say goodbye again
I’ll leave you at sundown –
In between the whites of
The kissing clouds

And when we say goodbye
The one that will last forever –
I always remember your love
As the sun shines down
On top of the kissing clouds

As the sun shines down
On top of the kissing clouds

C. Flaxton


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In Flow


There is certain truth to all lies
The heart understands the need to pretend
In flow – to give
Unto him all that I inhabit
And exhale the kiss of desire
Even the solid brick needs to breathe
If my passion is the language of love
My poetry will be the language of my soul
There is a longing that brings a –
Suspension to time
Dark hours lead into dark hours
The daylight given to unwanted use
His light is but transient and fleeting
But when it shines on me
I kneel before the sun in eternal bliss

C Flaxton


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Realisation in April


April showers bring a turn to the
Weather –
With it realisation and acceptance
A familiar friend in darker moments


In that order or ordered in
Precious intimate moments with life
Interrupted –
The light force pulling, all knowing, engulfing


The earth keeps on spinning in the eternal darkness of space –
Thoughts rage and once the life force burns to the whitest light
Nothing will exist – nothing


A thought, a collective consciousness
Breathing in life –
Exhaling more than breath –
Timeless in each moment
Eternity in every cell –


C Flaxton

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In to the Void

 My thoughts live in a vacuous chamber
 A chamber created from overflow
 My life is caught between the double D's
 And the chamber is extracting volume
 By the second hand of the clock
 I drank liquid from a cup that made me
 Shrink SO small
 That now
 I walk in a land of giants
 The deafening voice - my own
 Drilling diligently daily
 Until the pass
 I am in part a shadow
 I've hollowed out from the inside
 Like a pumpkin ready for Halloween
 The guts of which are ready to be cooked
 In the belly of the pie
 The oven awaits - bellowing out
 The sonic vibration hangs heavy in the air
 And what is left -
 After these parts are gone?
 The pie eaten
 The taste forgotten upon wiped lips
 The pumpkin shell shriveled & withered long -
 After the candle has been blown out
 This then is me
 The description of my thoughts this day
 Descending down further deep into
 Ever decreasing decreasing
 Circles -
 And into the void I go

C Flaxton
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 At sundown with star gazing eyes
 I watch the sun setting low
 I found myself dreaming in a field
 Magic in the air
 Autumn’s golden veil a spell
 Your love is forever - hanging in my mind
 The roundness of our star its - orange glow
 Watching the glow falling to the horizon
 The sunsets for me
 My love it rises for you
 Endless is the beauty of life and
 In beauty the perfect stillness
 Tonight I could almost touch the sun
 Holy in the cloudless sky
 Thinking of you as day gives way to dusk
 Nothing better to do than let my imagine play
 Let my thoughts wander in fading light
 It will be all right – even if it ends today
 Watching the last of the light fall into shadow
 And the dreams of what may come weigh heavy
 The sun heavy in the sky
 Finally it casts so low - sundown
 I’m watching the sun falling to the horizon
 The sunsets for me
 It rises for you my love
 It rises for you

C Flaxton


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For Now Love

For Now Love

 He comes back to her
 With words of love 
 For now love
 She lets him in
 For now love
 The door always left half open
 There's honesty in the longing
 The turn is coming again
 The ocean deep
 The waves high
 And still at the same time
 Far away
 His thought - his hand
 Never to too far away
 In dreaming 
 The air between them always thin
 Her sadness - left upon a shore
 Where two seasons change
 For now love
 She still whispers his name

C Flaxton

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